The Morning Routine

This is to be done Everyday; wake up one hour earlier than you used to, no matter what your body or mind wants.

Yoga: Take control of the Body

Follow all the steps shown in this video, minus the meditations (takes 30-45mins). This will stretch the spine in every possible way, and strengthen the muscles along the spine. Once you're done, all that should remain in your experience is your spine, as Angamardhana literally means "to kill/master the limbs"

Cold Showers: Take control of the Mind

Now that you exercised your control over the body, its time to take control of the mind.

Put the shower temperature below what you are comfortable with, but without forcing your body into shock, and dont change the shower temperature throughout the whole time, you are going to force your body to adapt to it. (take your time, do not force)

Remember to keep breathing deeply at first, and remember that the water is perfect just the way it currently is, it is for you to accept it.

Once cleaned, lower the temperature further if you've already adapted, if not, dont change the temperature. Then, while still standing, close your eyes and go over the Nihilism meditation below. (as long as you want it to be, but it can be 3 minutes long)

The next days, you will either keep the same temperature, or lower it further, and keep adapting to it.

In practice: Physically it will be apparent that the heat one wants as they step in the shower can come from either the water or from the body itself. Essentially it is a physical reminder that what can be achieved from outside, can also be achieved from within.

Modern Nihilism: To rewire the brain completely

A simple set of 3 sentences, to be mentally thought of with each inhalation and exhalation, to dissolve compulsions, beliefs and identities.

The effects of this practice are increased manyfold when you are doing it in the middle of a physical struggle, such as under the cold shower, as per my above suggestion.

"I want nothing, I need nothing"

Because no matter how much you recieve from the world, you will never feel truly satisfied, there will always be more to get, and you will never attain the destination you're seeking.

This sentence is spoken, out of a sense of maturity in which one admits that nothing outside can ever fulfill oneself.

The body is also capable of existing on it's own, it's natural needs will arise and you will inevitably take care of them, anything more is not needed. The second part of the sentence is to declare and reject any additional and artificial needs which are not truly required, such as any form of addiction.

As such, one learns to grow in maturity to reject all insignificant pleasures and goals in life, along with training one's mind to restore one's original purity

Imagination: a rising ocean submerging the entire world, until you are the only thing remaining above the ocean.

"I know nothing, I know nothing else"

A common belief most people make is by knowing how to use something, they believe they know what it is. Truth is that noone in the world knows an atom in it's entirety. How can one know anything when that is the case?

The mind makes all kinds of assumptions in the name of physical, mental and emotional survival, because not knowing hurts, it's not comfortable at all. First step is to reject the belief of knowing, and to realize the irrational nature of things.

Bring yourself back to reality, you are utterly, utterly ignorant and you must always remain aware of it to be able to know anything. There is no substitute for Clarity, to walk confidently in the dark is a recipe for disaster.

To choose ready-made conclusions instead of admitting one's ignorance, is to have a weak and stagnating mind, afraid of being burnt by the longing to know. It is never over, there is always more to know and to discover.

By not admitting that we don't know, we stop seeking, and we start to believe. By Believing, one makes the choice to separate himself from reality. Cherish the burn that not knowing causes, never stop seeking, never stagnate.

Imagination: every possible psychedelic effect upon the world, until nothing makes sense anymore, and you are the only thing left.

"I am nothing, I am noone"

In this limitless universe, all the gigantic stars amount to nearly small grains of sand in the grand scheme of things.

In these small grains of sand, there is a micro speck called the solar system, in there is a tiny micro speck called planet earth, and even more so microscopically, you think you're a very important man don't you ?

Bring back things into perspective, life is a very small happening, and you, among the 8 other billion individuals are not special at all.

To believe otherwise is to be separated from reality and to choose to be aware of only a tiny fraction of it.

Moreso, being incapable of dissolving one's identities such as the color of the skin, ethnicity, country, political movement, and whatever else, is to remain stuck in a limited viewpoint that the intellect will always try to protect, at the expense of one's clarity.

To dissolve all of one's identities, is to restore one's ability to think clearly, logically and to give him the choice to make up and dissolve any new identity he needs to endorse in any given situation.

In other words, by using this sentence, you are dissolving existing pathways in the brain in order to form new ones, yes you don't need mushrooms to achieve neuroplasticity as an adult.

Imagination: every possible psychedelic effect upon the self, until there is nothing left of you.


Q: Nihilism ??? Did you just start to use that word because you thought it sounded cool ?

A: Yes.

Q: Whew you're being edgy man! are you serious ?

A: Yes.

Q: Really nigga ? you just took some meditation concepts from existing spiritual practices, changed it to be edgier and pretended you invented a new kind of nihilism ? are you nuts ?

A: Yes.

Q: b-b-but that's Arrogant you know nothing about philosophy and spirituality !

A: Yes.

Q: So you keep on rolling with that nihilism theme and nothing and shit and you expect others to like it?

A: Yes.

Q: But-

A: Yes and i don't care, that's how it is. Those 3 sentences I have been re-written more than 50 times over the course of the last 7 years, along with daily practice (all evolved from Sadhguru's Shambhavi Mahamudra practice, to distance oneself from the body and mind "I am not the body, I am not the mind". These 3 sentences are the next improved version, to dissolve compulsions, beliefs and identities. This "Nihilism" is there to dissolve all that is artificial, superficial and ultimately aimed at restoring one's innate purity, for Health)